Norfolk is a Bermudan company offering specialised and innovative risk financing programmes, tailored to clients’ needs, which can significantly reduce the cost of insurance.

Risk financing mechanisms are structured to maximise clients’ ability to finance and manage their corporate risk with greater efficiency. Norfolk allows companies to access the benefits of a wholly-owned captive insurance company without the inherent disadvantages of managing the legal procedures, bearing the administrative costs and investing the time required for establishing and operating one independently.

Norfolk has an established reputation for its bespoke approach to risk financing, which centres on objective and thoughtful advice, and trusted relationships. Experts at navigating the complexities of today’s risk environment, we ensure your risk vehicle works for you.

Corporate Structure

Bermuda Class 3 Licence | General Insurance | Economies of Scale

Norfolk is a Bermuda Class 3 licensed insurer, delivering insurance solutions to assist clients in managing and obtaining cover for corporate and other risks that are appropriate for captive finance structures. Additionally, by grouping a number of insurance programmes under one licence, economies of scale are achieved that significantly lower the administration costs of such a facility.